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Mobile: +91-(o)9840531896

1. Email support: Please do not send multiple emails to any of the team for the same issue, which will increase the response time for all the customers including you. Sending multiple email will reach spam box without unnoticed by respective team.

2. Technical Team: Our staffs were well trained to answer your queries & we do monitor them closely, If you have any unresolved issues or not satisfied with the response call us. will get back to you as soon as possible with resolution. New prospects & first time issue holder, use our regular support team for fast response

3.Consulting: We offers all the technical support through email after verifying the ownership, The response time will be between one hour to twenty four hours depends on the issue, There are times, It might take much longer, For example any technical consultation to be made with data center technician. The support will be from 8.00AM to 8.00PM IST for all the days. We do not offer technical support through phone line. Since not possible to verify the ownership. Any query received through email will be taken care with atmost important and best care will be taken to revert.


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